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Podcasts by Bob Arrington

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Traveling the ICW! Best Practices

with Bob Arrington 

In this episode, Bob, Allie & Andy cover

  • Average cruising speed and how to work that into your travel plans

  • The importance of communicating with bridges (hot tip: keep 2 radios on board!)

  • Passing vessels w/ minimal wake & why

  • Intersecting waterways 

  • What to do when you run a ground (because we all have)

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Boat Handling & Safety
with Bob Arrington

Bob Arrington discusses how to

  • How to best maneuver in the marina basin

  • Techniques to help ease docking anxiety

  • Questions to ask before arriving at the marina to be prepared

  • How to prepare your vessel for docking 

  • and what impact tides & currents have on your vessel and how to work with them to ensure safe handling and docking.

Getting Underway
with Bob Arrington 

In this episode, Bob covers

  • Distractions while immediately entering a channel or narrow waterway

  • Recommendations for staying on course

  • Technology and apps he utilizes to best navigate the waterways

  • Inlets and what makes them so tricky

  • and timing inlet runs so that you don't experience any turbulent conditions!

Know Your Marine Forecast!
with Bob Arrington

Bob Arrington discusses how to

  • Understanding weather and how it  impacts your boating experience

  • Where to find reliable forecasts

  • Best apps and platforms he utilizes every day

  • What key factors to look for

  • The importance of knowing when to quit

  • List of weather resources 

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Anchors Aweigh! Top Tips for the Anchoring Process
with Bob Arrington

Hear Bob's tips and anchoring highlights including...

  • Communication between the person at the helm and the one operating the windlass

  • why knowing your water depth + distance from the water to your bow is so important

  • How we determine how much rode to play out

  • and so much more! 

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Dockside Chat on 3D Sonar Technology
with Bob Arrington, Jeff Moser & Matt Zimmerman

Join PassageMaker Editor-in-Chief Jeff Moser for a dive into 3D forward looking sonar technology with Bob Arrington and Matthew Zimmerman. Over the years, these products have become simpler to use, smaller, and lower cost. This technology is both more advanced and more accessible than ever before.

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Docking Made Easy: Strategy, Tools & Techniques
with Bob Arrington

Bob Arrington reveals his keys to stress-free docking, regardless of the size of your boat.  

Contrary to common belief, the degree of difficulty in docking does not necessarily increase with the size of the boat. In reality, handling a larger boat in close quarters is no more difficult than handling a smaller one. It's all about strategy and overcoming two particular challenges. 

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